You can stand apart from the crowd.

You know you have something special to offer — something that increases health, ease, and vibrancy in your clients’ lives.

But do your potential clients know it yet?

You know — that “Ideal Client” avatar you were meant to come up with? Let’s get it crystal-clear and, not only that, working hard to attract those exact people to your offerings & services.

My name is Britt Bates, & my job is to help you thrive.

I work with bad-ass brands that are driven by passion and purpose, who enhance the lives of their customers and make the world a better place through their products and services.

I help whole-hearted entrepreneurs and radical businesses take up their fair share of the limelight, using words that sing on the page and content that’s backed by proven digital marketing trends.

This is work that I love, and that has me leaping out of bed each morning.

I do more than just sling words: I dive deep into voice-of-customer research so that your audience is being spoken to in language that they understand - and feel understood by.

The copy and content I write is research-based and data-driven, so that it works.


I believe we vote with our dollars.

It’s why I work with brands that are making a difference in their communities - in both big and small ways.

It’s why I put my full effort and passion behind each word I write for my clients: because not only do more clicks, conversions, and customers mean more wealth & fulfillment for YOU (and that is our #1 goal, after all!) but it also means money directed into the pockets of people who are making a positive impact on our world.

I want to help you build and grow the business you’ve always dreamed of, so that your life looks exactly like you want it to … all while serving others in the process.

So let’s make your brand shine online, for good … for good.


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a few fun facts about me:

  • I live with my fella, Aaron, and our border collie, Annie. (Annie likes to sleep & play on the couch in my home office while I work!)

  • I'm not even going to tell you how many americanos I drink during the day, okay?

  • I can be both a morning person and a night owl...but I always gotta choose, because I'm committed to sleeping at least 8 hours a night!

  • When I'm not at my desk, I can be found practicing yoga, rock climbing, or laying in the sun like a lizard with a good book.

Your turn.

I’d love to hear about who you are, what you do, and what your business goals are. Seriously! I adore meeting people who are driven by passion and lit up by their work.

If you have a hunch you could benefit from some digital marketing help, but don’t know quite what you need — no sweat. I offer free 30-minute consultation calls, so we can see if we’re a great fit!